prof. RNDr. Jan Kubečka, CSc.

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Phone: +420 387775891, +420 604344267
Room: 238


Professional focus: basic research on the functioning of the fish stock reservoirs and lakes, reproduction, feeding relationships, spatial distribution, migration and behavior of fish, sonar equipment and hydroacoustics, the processing of acoustic data, ecological succession, management, and population dynamics of fish stocks, the study of the influence of power plants to fish and invertebrates, theory of efficiency of fishing gears, management and organization of research activities.

Curriculum vitae

Jan Kubečka                              
   Born:  20.08.1961, Prague, Czechoslovakia
Address: Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic v.v.i. , Na sádkách 7, 370 05 České Budějovice, Czech Republic. E-mail:, phone: +420 604344267
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Employment history:
2012  - present Director of the Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AS CR)
1998-2012: 1. Full time: Head of the Dept. of Plankton and Fish Ecology, Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre, (AS CR) and head of Fish Ecology Unit of IHB, Č. Budějovice. 2. till present Part-time (20%) Biological Faculty, Univ.of South Bohemia, Č. Budějovice. Fundamental research of fish functioning in lakes and reservoirs.
1993-1998 Research worker Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AS CR) - research in sonar technology application for fish stock monitoring and assessment for HBI AS CR and for the Univ. of London. Estimation of the effect of hydropower and regulations on the stream ecology, lake and reservoir fisheries, biomanipulation, acoustic tracking and monitoring of ichthyoplankton, fish migration, sediments and macrophytes.
1991 - 1993 - post doc. fellowship in the Univ. of London: res. projects on sonar technology application on fish stock monitoring and assessment on British waters (freshwater and marine). In the main contract (for National Rivers Authority, UK), new theoretical concepts were developed and implemented for application of dual beam sonar for quantitative fisheries surveys.
1984 - 1990  - PhD student and junior researcher, research work for HBI of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (CSAS) on fish ecology in lakes, man made reservoirs, ponds, rivers and streams. Long-term research on fish population of the Klíčava and Římov reservoirs aimed on fish stock assessment and food web manipulation for water quality.
Education and degrees
2011  - Professor of fisheries, Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, Univ. of South Bohemia.
2002  - Docent (Associate professor) in Hydrobiology at University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice. Habilitation thesis: Application of scientific echosounders for quantitative assessment of water ecosystems.
1984-1989 Postgraduate study Hydrobiological Laboratory, Inst. of Landscape Ecology CS Academy of Sciences 1989 - PhD in Hydrobiology, PhD Thesis: Model of the abundance, biomass, ration and production of the fish stock of a water supply reservoir.
1979-1984 University studies, Charles University, Prague 1984 - RNDr. (equivalent to MSc. in Zoology) MSc. thesis: Fish fry ecology in the Klíčava Reservoir..
Membership in professional organizations
 Czech Limnological Society, member of the steering committee of the Ichthyological Section of Czech Zoological Society (since 2012 a chairman of the Steering committee). Member of the committee „Fish Monitoring“ CEN (European Commission for Normalization), Fish monitoring workgroup of European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission (EIFAAC) and Central Baltic Lake Fish Intercalibration group under ECOSTAT, EU.
Grants and awards
1994 - awarded a 'Price of excellence' for young workers of the CSAS for hydroacoustic publications.
Principal investigator of 70 various research projects and grants both national and international, total extent over 3 millions Euro, co-investigator of 30 projects.
Further professional/research experience
Teaching, training courses and practical surveys in the UK, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Norway, Hungary, Czech and Slovak Republic. Leader of some 20 foreign research expeditions.
Convener of four international and two nationwide conferences, co-organizer of 8 other international and 2 nationwide conferences.
Supervisor of 40 of student's diploma theses of different level including 15 PhD studies.
Regular teaching of the course: Ecology of water vertebrates, University of South Bohemia since 1997.
Author or coauthor of over 200 scientific papers and book chapters (120 on Web of Science, 170 on Web of Knowledge). No. of WOS citations: over 1500, H-index 23.
Author of over 100 peer reviews, mainly for fisheries and limnological journals (J. Fish Biol., Fisheries Research, Hydrobiologia, Intern. Rev. Hydrobiol., Ecol. Freshwater Fish, Fisheries Management & Ecology etc.) and 10 book reviews.
2004-2006: Member of evaluating committee Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for the programme: The impact of climate variability on aquatic ecosystems.
2006  - 2012: Member of the Evaluation Committee of the Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (GAAV biological and ecological sciences).
2009  - 2014: Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of the Grant Agency of the University of South Bohemia (GAJU agricultural and fisheries sciences).
Guest editor of five special issues of international journals.
Member of editorial board of two journals.



   V návaznosti na ostatní limnologické a hydrobiologické přednášky se tento předmět bude
zabývat rolí vodních obratlovců ve vodním systému.Z tohoto hlediska budou probírány všechny
tradiční discipliny ekologie ryb, jakožto nejdůležitější skupiny vodních obratlovců v našich pod-
mínkách: adaptace na vodní prostředí, reprodukce, potrava, chování, populační dynamika atd.
Ostatním vodním obratlovcům bude věnováno místo podle jejich významu pro naše posluchače.

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