RNDr. Michal Tušer, Ph.D.

Job Position: Research Assistant - Department of Fish and Zooplankton Ecology (FZE)

Contact details

Phone: (+420) 387 775 848, GSM: (+420) 737 329 542
E-mail: michal.tuser@hbu.cas.cz
Room: 237


I am a hydrobiologist interested in (1) fish ecology in diverse environments and (2) greenhouse gas fluxes in freshwaters, primarily using advanced underwater acoustic techniques. Besides scientific echosounders and imaging sonars, I have significant experiences with active and passive fisheries techniques (various kinds of netting and electrofishing) and field sampling of diffusive and ebullitive fluxes of greenhouse gases. I have participated on a great deal of projects focused on quantitative and qualitative investigations of fish communities and greenhouse gases in large inland and sea waters throughout Europe (Austria, Czechia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Spain). I am also dedicated to the popularization of science.

Web of Science F-8548-2014  ||  ORCID 0000-0003-2881-392X  ||  ResearchGate


Curriculum vitae

Date and place of birth

28 January 1982 in Turnov, Czech Republic


Education and academic employment

present Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, České Budějovice, CZ
2020 postdoc at Leibnitz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin, Germany (September to December)
2020-2016 researcher at SoWa Research Infrastructure, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, České Budějovice, CZ
2016-2013 postdoc at Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, České Budějovice, CZ
2013-2008 PhD. in Hydrobiology at Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, CZ (Fish detection by modern sonar systems)
2013 RNDr. in Ecosystem Biology at Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, CZ
2007-2004 MSc. in Ecology at Faculty of Biology, University of South Bohemia, CZ (Fish orientation along the longitudinal profile of the Římov reservoir)
2004-2001 BSc. in Ecology at Faculty of Biology, University of South Bohemia, CZ (The dead zone in acoustic detection of fish near the bottom of reservoirs)



2023-2019 Size estimation and taxonomical identification of European freshwater fishes using a broadband echosounder (EEA and Norway Grants - Fund for Bilateral Relations - PI)
2022-2020 How important is biogenic methane for secondary production in seasonally stratified freshwater reservoirs? (Czech Science Foundation)
2022-2019 IBERA - Incorporation of the Biology Centre CAS into the European Research Area (Operational Programme Research Development and Education)
2020-2017 Development of technical measure for protection of natural riverine fish stock against massive migration of undesirable fish species from Lipno reservoir as encouragement of population of brown trout and freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic)
2020-2016 Establishing the sustainability of fish farming on Lake Balaton by examining the reconstruction of fish fauna and the utilization of the food base using basic and applied research methods (European Regional Development Fund, Hungary | cooperation)
2020-2016 SoWa Research Infrastructure (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic)
2019-2017 MetOx 2018 Methane in Oxic surface waters (GLEON global lake ecological observatory network)
2015-2014 Coexistence of human and freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera in the Vltava River (Operational Programme Environment)
2015-2012 Hydroacoustic distinguishing between fish and bubbles, and quantification of methane bubble ebullition in freshwater reservoirs of temperate zone (Czech Science Foundation)
2015-2012 Centre for Ecological Potential of Fish Communities in Reservoirs and Lakes (CEKOPOT) (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic administrate the support provided from EU funds)
2010-2008 Monitoring of the fish stock of Czech reservoirs (Grant from Iceland, Liechtestein and Norway through the EEA financial mechanism and the Norwegian financial mechanism)
2010-2007 Horizontal acoustic surveys and fish behaviour in the open water (Czech Science Foundation)
2009-2008 Fish stock assessment in the Biesbosch reservoirs, the Netherlands (Evides N.V., the Netherlands)
2008 Acoustic studies of behavioural patterns in mesopelagic jellyfish Periphylla periphylla (Universitet i Bergen & Universitet i Oslo, Lurefjorden, Norway)
2007 Implementation of imaging sonar technology applied to the analysis of the migration of twaite shad (Alosa fallax) in the river Ebro, Xerta (Catalunya), Spain (Generalitat de Catalunya, Dep. of Environment/IRTA/Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Hydrobiology)



2019 Principles and methods of broadband technologies: application to fisheries acoustics. Onboard G. O. Sars, Bergen, Norway (ICES training course)
2014 Echosounder data processing using Echoview. České Budějovice, Česká Republika (Echoview training course)
2013 Permafrost and gas hydrate related methane release in the Arctic and impact on climate change: European cooperation for long-term Monitoring (PERGAMON). Sodankylä Research Station, Finland (EU-funded COST Action - training school)
2011 Polar Ecology - Fish parasites beyond the Polar Circle. Svalbard, Norway (University of South Bohemia)
2009 Assessment of aquatic ecosystems Quality Using Acoustics (AQUA). Leba and Waszeta, Poland (Polish-Norwegian Research Fund)



2017 10th Symposium of European Freshwater Sciences 2017 (SEFS10). Olomouc, Czech Republic (oral presentation)
2015 Underwater Acoustics conference and exhibition (UACE2015). Creta, Greece (oral presentation)
2014 Ecology of Fish in Lakes and Reservoirs (EcoFiL). České Budějovice, Czech Republic (organization)
2013 Underwater Acoustics (UA2013). Corfu, Greece (oral presentation)
2012 Polar Ecology Conference 2012. České Budějovice, Czech Republic (poster)
2010 Fish Sampling with Active Methods (FSAM). České Budějovice, Czech Republic (organization)
2008 DIDSON-based Fish Assessment: Techniques for monitoring migratory fish in rivers. Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society with Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Anchorage, Alaska (oral presentation and electronic poster)
2008 Ecosystem Approach with Fisheries Acoustics and Complementary Technologies (SEAFACTS), ICES 6th Symposium in Acoustics. Bergen, Norway (oral presentation)
2007 Fish Stock Assessment Methods for Lakes and Reservoirs: Toward the true picture of fish stock. České Budějovice, Czech Republic (oral presentation)
2004 ICES Annual Science Conference. Vigo, Španělsko


Journal reviewing

Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia || Applied Sciences || Aquaculture || Fisheries Research || Folia Zoologica || Fundamental and Applied Limnology || Inland Waters || Journal of Applied Ichthyology || Journal of Aquaculture & Fisheries || Journal of Fish Biology || Science of the Total Environment || Water || Water Research



Erasmus+ programme (European Commission)

Short-term Scientific Mission (COST)

Czech National and Regional Competition in Ecology (ČSOP)

Lectures and Field excursions for elementary and high schools

Institutional Open-door days and Field courses

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