MSc. Ma. Cristina Paule Mercado, Ph.D.

Funkce: Postdoktorand - Oddělení hydrochemie a ekologického modelování

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Research interest:
• Numerical and computer modelling of hydrodynamics and water quality in waterbodies
• Limnology, eutrophication, and nutrient cycles in lakes and reservoirs
• Nonpoint source pollution monitoring, modelling and management
• GIS application on water quality, land use and land cover and climate change and watershed management
• Faecal indicator bacteria and metagenomics

Odborný životopis

2010 – 2016, Integrated MS and PhD Environmental Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering & Energy, Myongji University, South Korea. Dissertation: “Stormwater Quantity and Quality Changes in Response to Land Development”
2002 – 2006, BS, University of the Philippines Los Baños. Thesis: “GIS-Aided Biological Diversity Assessment of a Production Forest: The Case of SUDECOR, Mindanao, Philippines”

Professional experience:
2019 – present, Postdoc, Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre, CAS, Czech Republic
2016 – 2019, Postdoct, Department of Environmental Engineering and Energy, Myongji University, South Korea
2011 – 2016, Researcher, Department of Environmental Engineering and Energy, Myongji University, South Korea
2007 – 2010, Researcher, Geographic Information System and Image Processing Laboratory International Rice Research Institute, Philippines.

Projects (selected):
Co-investigator or research staff of 3 long-term (>4 years duration) Korean Basic Research projects (e.g. Development of advanced technologies for assessing nonpoint pollution in watershed; Development of integrated estuarine management system; and Total load management system in lakes and reservoir).

Academic awards received:
2010-2016, Myongji University International Scholarship, Integrated MS and Doctoral Degree, South Korea.

Teaching experience:
• Hydrological and water quality modelling of surface water (lakes, reservoir, and streams), and diffuse pollution
• Analytical analysis of water quality (e.g. BOD, COD, TN, TOC, TP, and fecal indicator bacteria).
• Application of GIS on watershed management, and land use and land cover and climate change


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