Mgr. Vojtěch Kasalický, Ph.D.

Job Position: Postdoc - Department of Aquatic Microbial Ecology (AME)

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Phone: 420387775887; 420387775883
Room: 26


Interested in the ecology of nonpathogenic freshwater bacteria, their microdiversity, co-existence with other microorganisms and factors explaining their life in the water. Focused to the Limnohabitans genus (Betaproteobacteria) regular members of lakes, reservoirs and (fish)ponds. Isolated more than 50 strains from different habitats. Recently, studying their photosynthetic capability in environmental samples as well as in laboratory cultures. Also, analysing sequenced genomes for the common metabolic traits and differences of the Limnohabitans strains.

Curriculum vitae

Areas of competence:

aquatic microbial ecology, microbial cultivation and isolation, DNA extraction, PCR, sequences alignment, phylogeny, Fluorescence in situ Hybridization, genome sequencing, assembly, annotation and analysis


2006 to 2012: Ph.D. study in Hydrobiology, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice. [Thesis: Ecophysiological characteristics of key members of Betaproteobacteria in freshwater bacterioplankton] Supervisor: Karel Šimek

2003 – 2006: Mgr. (= MSc.) degree in Plant Physiology. Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice. Thesis: ["Daily rhythms of photosynthetic activity of diatom Thalassiosira weissflogii: impact of natural light-regime and nitrogen limitation] 99 pp.; in Czech. Supervisor: Ondřej Prášil

2000 – 2003: Bc. degree in Biology, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice.

Professional experience:

from july 2012: postdoc, Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre CAS

2006 – 2012: Ph.D. student, Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre CAS

2004 – 2006: MSc. student, Laboratory of Photosynthesis, Institute of Microbiology CAS, Třeboň, Czech Republic.

Abroad stays and fellowships:

2004 – 2010: Laboratoire Océanographique de Villefranche sur mer, France; Dr. Markus Weinbauer and Dr. Antoine Sciandra (together three months)

2007 – 2012: Institut für Limnologie OAW, Austria; Dr. Martin Hahn (several short-term stays)

2011: Universität Konstanz, Germany; Dr. Heike Freese (two weeks)

2013: Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, IGB, Germany; Hans-Peter Grossart, Dr. PD (5 months)

Grant and project participation:

GAČR 17-04828S (2017 – 2019) (PI – Rohit Ghai) Unveiling life strategies of uncultivated viruses in freshwater environments using metagenomics. Member of the research team.

GAČR 15-12197S (2015 – 2017) (PI – Vojtěch Kasalický) Factors regulating the phototrophic activity of freshwater community of Betaproteobacteria.

GAČR 15-09721S (2015 – 2017) (PI – Petr Porcal) The effect of solar light on key members of freshwater Betaproteobacteria. Member of the research team.

GAČR 13-00243S (2013 – 2017) (PI – Karel Šimek) Unveiling life strategies of selected groups of planktonic Betaproteobacteria in relationship to carbon flow to higher trophic levels. Member of the research team.

MŠMT/EE CZ.1.07/2.3.00/30.0032 – (2012-2015) (PI – František Sehnal) Promotion of research [Vytvoření postdoktorandských pozic na Biologickém centru AV ČR k rozvoji biologických disciplín a dosažení globální konkurenceschopnosti.] Postdoc. Member of the research team.

GAČR GAP504/10/0566 (2010 – 2012) (PI – Jan Jezbera) "Distribution, phylogeography and within-taxon ecological differentiation of Limnohabitans cluster and Polynucleobacter necessarius subsp. asymbioticus." Member of the research team.

GAČR GA206/08/0015 (2008 – 2012) (PI – Karel Šimek) "Ecophysiological traits and grazing- and virus-induced mortality of bacterial strains representing major bacterioplankton groups in a reservoir". Member of the research team.


Total found: 20 records
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DOI: 10.1128/AEM.02116-17
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