Water Isotopes

Water Isotopes
As part of the Czech Science Foundation project (23-07152S), we plan to estimate isotopic water balance in lakes and reservoirs throughout Central Europe to quantify water scarcity. For this purpose we need to sample a large number of lakes and reservoirs.

Where and when:

  • We would like to get samples from continental Europe, the range is shown in the bottom image. Our research is focused on lakes, but information from artificial water reservoirs is also valuable.
  • Do not sample bodies of water within 20 km of the sea.
  • Samples should be taken during the summer months, from June to mid-September.


  • Sampling is simple, just rinse the supplied bottle with some water, pour out and immerse the hand with the bottle under the surface. Plug the bottle plug without air bubble.
  • Store it in the dark, it may not be in the fridge, but it is better.
  • Take a picture of the sampling point and send us an email with the description of the location.

We would like to ask for your help. Can you take a sample of just 200 ml of water for us from a body of water such as a lake or reservoir near you?

Let us know your willingness to sample, the number of potential locations and we will send you sample bottles and arrange transportation back.

Lakes with water isotope data from previous years:


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