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24th January (FRIDAY) 1pm

Susanne Schmidt, Tanja Shabarova and Ursula Eisendle-Flöckner

Mini-session: Groundwater organisms – karst microbes, invertebrate micro engineers, and environmental indication

The ecology of groundwater is sometimes overlooked but the ecosystem services provided by the groundwater organisms are one basis of a sustainable drinking water production. While the groundwater ecosystem includes almost all organism groups that dwell on the surface, particularly the fauna is different, both in terms of species and their morphology and autecological traits. Groundwater-dwelling crustacea are blind and pigment-less, live longer, and reproduce later than their surface counterparts. Their grazing on the microorganisms in groundwater steers degradation of organics, including of contaminating compounds. (Susanne Schmidt).

Karst lacks photoautotrophic production like other subsurface environments. The spatial development of the microbial continuum along a hydrogeological gradient, and how karst microbes influence surface water communities, are studied in a project recently granted to Tanja Shabarova.

Several guidelines, directives, laws and panels (e.g. IPBES, IPCC) deal with present days status' indication and future prevention of adverse development of environmental changes. Though unified in aiming to solve future questions - all of them have in common unbalanced approaches. In this last part, Ursula Eisendle-Flöckner will give a survey of existing lacks hindering and bridges integrating environmental indication.







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