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Spring 2019

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Microbial life in Movile Cave: a chemosynthetically-driven subterranean ecosystem

Deepak Kumaresan

Queen's University Belfast

time: 24.1.2019 from 1 pm

venue: Large board room (008), Institute of Hydrobiology, Na Sádkách 7

Despite the lack of photosynthetically-fixed carbon, the Movile Cave ecosystem (located near Mangalia, Romania and situated ~25m below ground) hosts a diverse range of invertebrates (worms, insects, spiders and crustaceans) that are adapted to life in the dark. This hypogenic cave ecosystem, devoid of any inputs from the surface due to layers of impermeable clays and loess, has been estimated to be isolated from the surface for ~5.5 million years. Majority of the invertebrate species present are endemic to Movile Cave and surrounding aquifers. Life within this ecosystem is supported by chemolithoautotrophic primary producers that derive energy from the oxidation of inorganic compounds (such as hydrogen sulfide) and methane that enter the cave with thermal fluids, analogous to deep-sea hydrothermal vents. More importantly methylotrophic and autotrophic bacteria are the primary carbon fixers within this ecosystem. In this talk, I will give a brief overview of the Movile Cave ecosystem and highlight our recent (and ongoing) work on the microbiology of the Movile Cave ecosystem, with particular emphasis on functional diversity of bacteria involved in one-carbon metabolism (methane & methylated amines; methylotrophy).

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Discerning dietary organic matter sources and their ecophysiological fate in aquatic consumers

Martin J. Kainz, PhD

WasserCluster Lunz - Biologische Station Inter-university Center for Aquatic Ecosystems Research

time: 14.2.2019 from 1 pm

venue: Large board room (008), Institute of Hydrobiology, Na Sádkách 7

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Biomanipulation measures on the watter supply reservoir Hamry

Pavel Jurajda

Institute of Vertebrate Biology CAS, Brno

time: 28.2.2019 from 1 pm

venue: Large board room (008), Institute of Hydrobiology, Na Sádkách 7

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