Seminars of the Institute of Hydrobiology BC CAS in 2022


Gashaw Tesfaye et al.

Long-term trends of relative abundance and biomass of fish communities in Rimov Reservoir and  food web modelling with ecopath with ecosim

Gashaw has been processing the long-term Římov gillnet samples data 2004-2021 and received the most comprehensive picture of fish composition so far. However even this picture is not simple. He will show us the differences between different approaches and the trend he found.  Also as an expert on ecopath with ecosim Gashaw will share his thoughts on the use these food web models in our conditions.



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Since Wednesday June 2nd 11 a.m. microbial ecology seminars will start. For now they will be virtual presentations
via zoom.

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If not otherwise stated, seminars take place Thursdays at 13:00 h in the Lecture hall IHB institute, Na Sádkách 7 (the "big lecture hall" at the 1-st floor, 008). All seminars are given in English. Contact: Jiří Kaňa, e-mail:


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