Ing. Jaroslava Frouzová, Ph.D.

Job Position: Research Assistant - Department of Fish and Zooplankton Ecology (FZE)

Contact details

Phone: 420387775870
Room: 235


Professional expertise

My expertise include collection, processing and interpretation of hydroacoustic data and fish ageing.



Curriculum vitae

Date and place of birth : 24Th September 1965, Prague

Maried, two children



- Master degree in 1988 – Ing. -University of Agriculture, Prague.

- Ph.D. degree in 2005 -University of  South Bohemia – Department of ecology, Ph.D. thesis “The use of the echosounder for freshwater ecosystems studies”.

Professional career

My professional scientific career has started in 1998. Until this time I worked in different administrative and managers positions. 

From 2005 I has also taught on Charles University in Prague (Methods of abundance and biomass estimation, Special methods in ichthyology and Applied ecology).


Coordination :

- 2008 and 2009- project with Hungary acoustical observation of fish stock in Lake Balaton , consultation of data processing.

- 2011- 2012   technical-scientific cooperation with Austria, establishing the relationship between fish size and acoustic target strength for ecological studies of lakes and reservoirs: Modifications required for new species (whitefish, Coregonus lavaretus) and new frequencies (38 kHz).

- 2011-2015 -  the project of GA CR : Hydroacoustical distinguishing between fish and bubbles, and quantification of methane bubble ebullition in freshwater reservoirs of temperate zone. 

Other experiences 

-in 1999 participating  in Europe Union project Fishstrat  in Asia.

-in 2001, 10 months stay in Fisheries Research Laboratory, US Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision, Florida, USA;

- in 2016 – participating in training course of ICES: Principles and methods of broadband/wideband technologies​


Author and coauthor of  50 publications with IF and 1 book chapter, 497 citations, H-index 14.


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