RNDr. Marek Šmejkal, Ph.D.

Job Position: Research Scientist - Department of Fish and Zooplankton Ecology (FZE)

Contact details

Phone: +420 387 77 5856, +420 778 485 295
E-mail: marek.smejkal@hbu.cas.cz
Room: 327NB


I am interested in causes and consequences of various migration strategies of cyprinid fish termed asp (Leuciscus aspius). Males of this species are protandric, meaning that they arrive earlier and leave the spawning ground later on the seasonal and also partly on daily basis. Since asp is long-lived iteroparous species, I am interested how reproductive strategies of males and females change with their experience. Because cyprinid fish species have generally good sense of olfaction, asp ongoing project also investigates whether females communicate their readiness to spawn to males by pheromone release. We also adress effect of hydropeaking on the eggs of preophilous fish, which are periodically swept down by hydropeaking events on the study site. 

Curriculum vitae

Date of birth:

9.3.1988, Prague, Czech Republic


2007-2010 BSc. Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague, CR(Thesis: The importance of various types of habitats in reservoirs for fish).

2010-2013 MSc. Faculty of Science University of South Bohemia, CR (Thesis: The importance of various types of littoral habitats for fish in reservoirs).

2013-2017 PhD. student, Faculty of Science University of South Bohemia, CR (Thesis:Ecology of top fish predators, European catfish and asp, with consequences to fish communities)

10. 9. – 29. 9. 2013 and 1. 10. - 18. 12. 2015 – study visit in Lund University, Sweden (Department of aquatic ecology)

Scientific and proffesional experience:

2009 - 2017 part-time job as a student at the Institute of Hydrobiology

2017 - 2019 - postdoc at the Institute of Hydrobiology

since 2020 researcher position at the Institute of Hydrobiology

Web of Science ResearcherID: E-1269-2017, Total publications: 31, H-index: 7, Sum of times cited: 122, Without self citations: 100

Projects - main investigator

TJ02000012 The enhancement of rheophilous fish reproduction in the artificial river environment, TACR

QK1920326 Aquaculture of rheophilous fish, GA MZe (main investigator for Biology centre)

580300/992200 Strategie AV 21, Role of pheromones on spawning migration timing in fish (2017-2019, Czech Academy of Science)


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