Datum: 28.03.2017

Nová pozice

Biologické centrum AV ČR nabízí volnou pracovní pozici ekologa pro prostorovou ekologii ryb s důrazem na zpracování telemetrických dat.

Currently spatial ecology and distribution of fish can be studied by new automatic telemetry systems that
provide unprecedented data with extremely high spatiotemporal resolution. As such behaviour and
distribution of studied individuals can be described as never before. Moreover, association of precise
movement data with environmental descriptors can provide unique and novel insight into fish ecology. The
institute of Hydrobiology of the Biology Centre CAS (IHB) collected large amount of high precision data about
fish movement using telemetry positioning system during last years. These data include observation of
hundreds of individuals in several large lakes in the Czech Republic (current database contains about 30
millions of positions) as well as spatiotemporal data about their environmental background. The candidate
is assumed to analyse these spatial data in order to explore habitat use, niche overlap, strategies, predatorprey
interaction and movement patterns of fish. These results will be linked to bioenergetic models and
dynamics of abiotic factors in lakes to answer broader ecological questions.




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