MSc. Ma. Cristina Paule Mercado, Ph.D.

Job Position: Postdoc - Department of Hydrochemistry and Ecosystem Modelling (HEM)

Contact details

Phone: +420 387 77 5876
Room: 323NB


Research interest:
• Numerical and computer modelling of hydrodynamics and water quality in waterbodies
• Limnology, eutrophication, and nutrient cycles in lakes and reservoirs
• Nonpoint source pollution monitoring, modelling and management
• GIS application on water quality, land use and land cover and climate change and watershed management
• Faecal indicator bacteria and metagenomics

Curriculum vitae


June 2019 – present

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences, České Budějovice, 37005, Czech Republic

September 2016 – January 2019

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Department of Environmental Engineering and Energy

Myongji University, 17058, South Korea

January 2011 – August 2016


Department of Environmental Engineering and Energy

Myongji University, 17058, South Korea

April 2007 – August 2010


Geographic Information System and Image Processing Laboratory International Rice Research Institute

Los Baños, 4031, Philippines



January 2011 – August 2016 (Spring semester)

Water quality modelling

Department of Environmental Engineering and Energy

Myongji University, 17058, South Korea


August 2010 – August 2016

Integrated MS and PhD Environmental Engineering

Department of Environmental Engineering & Energy

Myongji University, South Korea

Dissertation: “Stormwater Quantity and Quality Changes in Response to Land Development”

June 2002 – June 2006

BS Forestry

College of Forestry and Natural Resources

University of the Philippines Los Baños

Thesis: “GIS-Aided Biological Diversity Assessment of a Production Forest: The Case of SUDECOR, Mindanao, Philippines”



Myongji University International Scholarship

Integrated MS and Doctoral Degree

August 2010 to August 2016

Yongin City, Gyeonggi-do, 17058, South Korea


Biomanipulation as a tool for the improvement of reservoir water quality

Postdoctoral Researcher

June 2019 – present

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic administrate the support provided from European Union funds

Development of integrated estuarine management system

Postdoctoral Researcher

August 2016 – January 2019

Korea Institute of Marine Science &Technology Promotion

Development of advanced technologies for assessing nonpoint pollution in watershed

Postdoctoral Researcher

April 2015 – March 2016

Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute

Development of integrated estuarine management system


November 2014 – August 2016

Korea Institute of Marine Science &Technology Promotion

Study of ocean total pollution load management system


March 2013 – December 2014

Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology

Development of advanced technologies for assessing nonpoint pollution in watersheds


May 2011 – March 2015

Kyungpook National University Industry and Academia Cooperation Fundation

Study on improvement of marine environments in the Shihwa costal reservoir


March 2011 – December 2016

Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute


  • Science of the Total Environment (February 2016 to present; >10 times)
  • Water Science and Technology (2017 to present; >10 times)
  • Desalination and Water Treatment (June 2014 to present; >15 times)
  • Ecological Indicator (July 2018 to present; >5 times)
  • Sustainability (November 2019 to present; >5 times)


  1. Published papers in TR or SCOPUS listed journals
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  1. R. U. Sajjad, M. A. Paule-Mercado, I. Salim, S. A. Memon, C. Sukhbaatar and C.-H. Lee. 2019. Temporal variability of suspended solids in construction runoff and evaluation of time-paced sampling strategies, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 191:110.
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  1. M. A. Paule-Mercado, J. S. Ventura, S. A. Memon, D. Jahng, J.-H. Kang and C.-H. Lee. 2016. Monitoring and predicting the fecal indicator concentrations from agricultural, mixed land use and urban stormwater runoff. Science of Total Environment, 550, 1171-1181.
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Published papers in Refereed but Non-TR or SCOPUS listed journals

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