Date: 01.12.2023

Lake Fish Telemetry Group: Movement Ecology Thematic Series and Editorial

Five years since it commenced, the Lake Fish Telemetry Group research project–which was funded with support from the Alternet Multi-Site Research (MSR) initiative–continues to achieve new milestones and outputs. In recent days, two high-impact outputs have been released: a special thematic series and editorial article in Movement Ecology. The special issue of the journal of Movement Ecology was edited and the editorial article was written by Marie Prchalová, Ivan Jarić and Milan Říha from the Biology Centre CAS.

  • The thematic series was a direct result of the Lake Fish Telemetry MSR project and stemmed from its most recent workshop in 2022.
  • The editorial discusses the Alternet MSR project and considers the power and promise of interdisciplinary international research networks to advance movement ecology.

From the editorial:
“Fine-scale telemetry systems tend to be located in freshwater systems, mainly lakes, due to the need for enclosed systems to perform long-term tracking without losing tracked fish through emigration. Lakes also allow dense receiver networks to conduct positioning, which is less tractable in saltwater environments where acoustic signals are attenuated more quickly.


The Lake Fish Telemetry Group meeting at the Biology Centre in 2022.

The Lake Fish Telemetry Group originated from the desire to build collaborative projects from groups working with fine-scale acoustic telemetry systems in freshwater lentic environments. The concept emerged during a lunch time meeting in Berlin among Ivan Jarić, Milan Říha, Robert Arlinghaus and Christopher Monk, during which they intended to organize a joint project investigating the winter ecology of freshwater fish species in their respective acoustic telemetry datasets. From those discussions a concept emerged, to bring together additional partners with similar study systems, to expand the datasets further. This led to the establishment of Lake Fish Telemetry Group, with a series of annual workshops funded by Alternet and partly supported by the ETN EU COST Action program.”

Congratulations to the Lake Fish Telemetry Group on its new outputs and the continued high-impact productivity of this multi-site research project!




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