Projects financed by the Czech Science Foundation

Projects with PI's from our department

  • Eco-genomics of genome-streamlined freshwater methylotrophs (19-23469S) PI: Salcher
  • Hunting down the Eagle Killer – Investigations into the cyanotoxin causing avian vacuolar myelinopathy (19-21649J) PI: Mareš
  • The effect of periphyton assemblages on productivity and phosphorus cycling in oligotrophic post-mining lakes (19-05791S) PI: Řeháková
  • Who eats whom and when? Zooming-in on alternative energy transfer pathways in planktonic food webs of shallow lakes (19-16554S) PI: Sirová
  • Illuminating the ecology of freshwater picocyanobacteria through a genome-resolved taxonomic framework (19-23261S) PI: Jezberová
  • Life strategies of uncultivated viruses in freshwater environments using metagenomics (17-04828S) PI: Ghai
  • Unveiling life strategies of selected groups of planktonic betaproteobacteria in relationship to carbon flow to higher trophic levels (13-00243S), PI: Šimek
  • Toxic potential, evolution of toxin synthesis, and factors driving anatoxin-a production in benthic and soil nostocacean cyanobacteria (14-18067S), PI: Zapomělová
  • Phytoplankton responses to evnironmental forcing (15-13750S), PI: Znachor
  • Factors regulating the phototrophic activity of freshwater community of Betaproteobacteria (15-12197S), PI: Kasalický

Participation on projects of other departments

  • Long-term effect of fish reduction on Daphnia in a large reservoir  (15-24309S), PI: Seďa
  • The effect of solar light on key members of freshwater Betaproteobacteria (15-09721S), PI: Porcal
  • Do long-term zooplankton data in the Slapy reservoir reflect land use and/or climate changes in the past 50 years? (15-04034S), PI: Hejzlar



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