Zuzana Frková, Ph.D.

Job Position: Postdoc - Department of Hydrochemistry and Ecosystem Modelling (HEM)

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Phone: +420 387775893
E-mail: zuzana.frkova@hbu.cas.cz
Room: 324NB


Frkova Z., Johansen A., Wollesen de Jonge L., Olsen P., Gosewinkel U., Bester K. (2016) Degradation and enantiomeric fractionation of mecoprop in soil previously exposed to phenoxy acid herbicides – New insights for remediation. Science of the Total Environment 569-570: 1457-1465.

Frkova Z., Johansen A., Karlson U.G. (2015) Mecoprop mineralization potential at oxygen-reduced conditions in subsoil with phenoxy acid contamination history. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 84: 189-198.

Frkova Z., Badawi N., Johansen A., Schultz-Jensen N., Bester K., Sørensen S.R., Karlson U.G. (2014) Degradation of three benzonitrile herbicides by Aminobacter MSH1 versus soil microbial communities: pathways and kinetics. Pest Management Science 70(8): 1291-98.

Schultz-Jensen N., Knudsen B., Frkova Z., Aamand J., Johansen T., Thykaer J., Sørensen S.R. (2014) Large-scale bioreactor production of the herbicide-degrading Aminobacter sp. strain MSH1. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 98(5): 2335-44.

Szakova J., Miholova D., Tlustos P., Sestakova I., Frkova Z. (2010) Effect of soil properties and sample preparation on extractable and soluble Pb and Cd fractions in soils. Agricultural Sciences, 1(3): 119-130.

Szakova J., Tlustos P., Goessler W., Frkova Z., Najmanova J. (2009) Mobility of arsenic and its compounds in soil and soil solution: the effect of soil pretreatment and extraction methods. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 172 (2-3): 1244-51.

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Vystavna Y., Frková Z., Celle-Jeanton H., Diadin D., Huneau F., Steinmann M., Crini N., Loup C. (2018) Priority substances and emerging pollutants in urban rivers in Ukraine: Occurrence, fluxes and loading to transboundary European Union watersheds Science of the Total Environment 637–638 : 1358–1362.
DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.05.095
Vystavna Y., Frková Z., Marchand L. , Vergeles Y., Stolberg F. (2017) Removal efficiency of pharmaceuticals in a full scale constructed wetland in East Ukraine Ecological Engineering 108 : 50–58.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2017.08.009
Frková Z., Johansen A., de J., Olsen P., Gosewinkel U., Bester K. (2016) Degradation and enantiomeric fractionation of mecoprop in soil previously exposed to phenoxy acid herbicides – New insights for bioremediation. Science of the Total Environment 569-570 : 1457-1465.
DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2016.06.236


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