RNDr. Jaroslava Komárková, CSc.

Job Position: Research Scientist - Department of Aquatic Microbial Ecology (AME)

Contact details

Phone: 420387775885
E-mail: jarkakom@hbu.cas.cz
Web: www.fytoplankton.cz/komarkova.php
Room: 23

Curriculum vitae

Education. Charles University, Prague, 1956 - 1961, spec.   Botany-Algology, Diploma work (RNDr) Systematics of the genus   Ankistrodesmus CORDA,  defended in 1961.

Postgradual student at Hydrobiological laboratory of Czechoslovak Acad.Sci. during 1965-1968, head Doc. J. Hrbáček. Theses (PhD.): Limitation of phytoplankton by the lack of nutrients (defended in 1971). 

Employments. Hydrobiological Laboratory Cz.Acad.Sci. 1962-1968, Prague

             Institute of Microbiology Cz.Acad.Sci. 1970-1972  Department at Třeboň

             Institute of Botany, Department of Hydrobotany at Třeboň 

                      - scientific worker, 1972-1984

             Hydrobiological Institute, Acad.Sci.of Czech. Rep., České Budějovice

                      -  senior sci. worker 1984 – 2016, (recently 10%)

             Biological Faculty, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, Czech R.                           

                      -  scientific assistent 1996 – 2014

Field of research. Ecology of freshwater phytoplankton;  phytoplankton composition and biomass, chlorophyll concentration, primary production of phytoplankton, limiting factors, circadian cycles in photosynthesis of phytoplankton, role of phytoplankton and periphyton in the food chain, hypertrophy and water-blooms. Taxonomy of planktonic  Cyanophyceae (Cyanobacteria) and Chlorophyceae.

Algae and cyanobacteria in tropical freshwaters, marshes and salines.

Recently: experimental studies of morphology of Cyanobacteria on isolated strains, DNA isolation and 16S rRNA sequenation, phylogenetic relationships between chroococcal types, water-blooms in oligotrophic lakes.  

Scientific results. More than 170 scient. papers and 3 chapters in books (author or co-author, see the List of publications), further papers in press.

During last years Principal Investigator or cooperating worker in 10 projects concerning hydrobiological and taxonomical problems, cooperator on the project of EU MIDI-CHIP, dealing with the genetic identification of the cyanobacterial clones forming water-blooms in freshwaters. Her students (Faculty of Sciences, University of South-Bohemia), formed the staff of the Laboratory of Phytoplankton Ecology at the Institute of Hydrobiology of Biological Center AS CR in České Budějovice (http://www.fytoplankton.cz).   

Scientific projects during last 20 years  

1998 – 2000 Autotrophic picoplankton, their composition and development in Římov and Slapy reservoirs and in acidified Šumava mountain lakes’; GA AV ČR no. A 601 7803, Principal Investigator.

2000 – 2004   ‘Water quality in reservoirs’ - Program Support of Targeted Research in the Academy of Sciences of ČR, No. S6017004 - cooperation

2001 – 2004   ‘Design and testing of DNA microarrays to measure and monitoring microbial diversity, using cyanobacteria in freshwater as model system‘; EU project – No. MIDI-CHIP EVK2-CT-1999-0026 MIDI-CHIP.Awarded to Annick Wilmotte, Univ Liege, Belgium – participant South-Bohemian University - cooperation

2001 – 2003   ‘Algal Community Assessment Under Different Nutrient and Grazing Intensity Regimes: Selenium Volatilization and Ecotoxic Risk‘; NSF project  – USA SalSe – awarded to E. Rejmánková, Univ. of California – Co-investigator.

2003 - 2006, ‘Linking Ecosystem Processes and Community Structure along Salinity and Nutrient Gradients in Tropical Marshes.‘ Kontakt-NSF project (MSMT) – Principal Investigator.

2004 – 2009   ‘ALTER-NET A long-term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network’; GOCE-CT-2003-505298 - V. Straškrabová (coordinated by Natural Environment Research Council,UK) - cooperation.

2005 – 2009   ‘Limnological basis of suitable management of reservoirs’; Program Support of Targeted Research in the Academy of Sciences of ČR, No. 1QS600170504 - cooperation.

2003-2005 GA AS  A6005308 Czech Republic. ‘Relationship among molecular, phenotypic and ultrastructural features of heterocytous cyanobacteria. Awarded to J. Komárek – cooperation.

2006-2009 GA AS   heterocytosní awarded to J. Komárek – cooperation.

2009-2013 GA Czech Republic. Cyanobacterial competition mechanisms influencing species composition of the phytoplankton communities. No. GA206/09/0309  - cooperation. 

International activities. Member of International Limnological Society, IAC/SIL (Int. Ass. for Cyanophyte Research), Internat. Ass. for Phytoplankton Ecology and Taxonomy, and of International Member of   Czech Botanical Algological and Limnological Scientific Associations.

During the last 5 years 18 lectures at different international   conferences and congresses, most of them published in the Proceedings and later in respected journals.

Cooperation with Viiki University Helsinki, Department of Applied Chemistry and Microbiology - Division of Microbiology (Dr. Kaarina Sivonen) and CNR - Italy, Institute for Ecosystem Study - Section of Firenze (Dr. Stefano Ventura). 

Teaching practice. Student assistant at the Algological Dept. of F. of  Sci. Prague, (3 terms), lecturer at the Course for postgraduated students at the Univ. in Lund, Sweden (1 month, 1977), lecturer at the Charles University, Hydrobiol. Dept., practice in phytoplankton ecology methods. Several lectures during the stay at the University in Waterloo and Manitoba, Canada, as a visiting professor in 1989. Lectures and   practice in the course for postgradual students "Ecology of phytoplankton" at the UNAM, Mexico in 1993. Lectures and practice of the course for Brasilian algologists (University of Sao Carlos 1996, visiting professor). During her aktivity on the University of South Bohemia (algal ecology) supervisor for 13 diploma, 12 master and 4 PhD students.

Total found: 63 records
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