Seminars of the Institute of Hydrobiology BC CAS and of the Czech Limnological Society in České Budějovice

Fall 2017

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5.10. 2017

Long-term changes in water quality in Lake Biwa with special reference to organic matter dynamics and microbial ecology

Shin-ichi Nakano

(Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University, Japan)




From hunting magic to growth model - perception and conception of the form of fish

Barbara Ritterbusch Nauwerck

(Institute for Water Ecology, Fisheries and Lake Research, Scharfling, Austria)


If not otherwise stated, seminars take place Thursdays at 13:00 h in the Lecture hall IHB institute, Na Sádkách 7 (the "big lecture hall" at the 1-st floor). All seminars are given in English. Contact: Vojtěch Kasalický, e-mail:


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